1 Style Therapy Old: Stylishly Superstitious: The Evil Eye

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stylishly Superstitious: The Evil Eye

Stylish or superstitious?  Maybe a little of both?  Historically, these talismans were worn to ward off the evil eye curse...basically turning or bending a malicious gaze back to its bestower.  I wear my Jennifer Miller evil eye bracelet every day (#6) and even though I don't consider myself all that superstitious, a little added protection never hurt anyone!  Accessory and jewelry designers are putting their own spin on the evil eye, here are some of Style Therapy's favorites:

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Try some Evil Eye DIY

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  1. Wow... Love the earrings and the ring with dangling eye charms... wish we could find them and have them in our store also.... Beautiful pieces! :)))

    Evil Eye Jewelry by AlfredAndVincent.com